March Update

How to help our Nigerian Scholars:

Sports: New discount for us in Aquapolis for a season ticket (9500HUF without weekends) from now till June 15th. A day will be offered to check the place. Additional gym options are available too. Check comments and pdf for more information.

Medikus Kupa: Tickets now available in the secretariat Apathy utca 4. Check the event here
Also to show you are supporting the right university: new pullover (male & female, different colours) and shirts from all 3 faculties from SZAHE&ISUS, see pictures

Culture: There is a free university theatre ticket. For a deposit in the secretariat you are able to get a place. For example in March the play Liliomfi on 9th or a ballet on 18th

Cinema nights: will be more frequent now on payment of a small fee (500-750HUF) for the latest movies. First one comes soon. Plus the additional ISUS cinema night with some free tickets smile emoticon

Dinner in Szeged: First episode done. Some editing left, but soon you can watch it. We are waiting for new applicants

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