ISUS Constitution

ISUS is made up for three general entities, the Board, the Management Council and the Academics Council. Click here to download the constitution in PDF

The Board

The Board is the governing body of ISUS and is responsible for administration of  all ISUS events, deals with administrative tasks related to the foreign student secretariat, and represent the students in meetings with the Dean’s Office.


The Management Council is the organizing entity of ISUS dealing with the day to day activities of the student union. It consists of the following committees: the Culture and Arts committee, Sports and Recreation Committee, Social Events Committee and Promotion and Media committee.


The Academics council is the student affairs entity of ISUS, and will be concerned with student matters related to the academic life of the students, and represent the students in relation to Departments and staff members

Interested in joining ISUS?

Would you like to have a say in what goes on at your course? Want to help out with charity events? Get involved in sports & recreation?

We currently are looking for photographers, poster & graphics designers, helpers at events, etc. just to name a few.

Send an e-mail to:

In the e-mail include:

Dear ISUS,

  1. Full name & E-mail address & Phone number
  2. State the committee which you would like to join:
    – Culture and Arts
    – Promotion and Media
    – Social Events
    – Sports and Recreation
  3. General Info (Which year, faculty, how old…) & CV
  4. Previous experience in extracurricular activity (if there is)
  5. Why would you like to join? How will you contribute to the committee? Which ideas/changes do you suggest?