Working to bridge the gap between students and professors.

The Academics Team is one of the committees in the student union. Our main objective is to voice the concerns of the international students at the faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

We believe that an organized student body can be highly influential in the development and improvement of education in Szeged.

ISUS Academics has therefore taken the initiative to arrange elections for student representatives of each year.

With the help of the class representatives, the student body will be able to engage in productive discussions with the respective Departments and Professors.

We welcome all constructive feedback, and ask all of you to join us in mind and action to make our University a better place to study.

The Team:

    Isus Academic Officers

    English Program

  • Thomas Steffens – Premedical
  • Thomas.

  • Joel Babu – 1st year

  • Amy Keating – 3rd Year

  • Rita Saadeh – 4th, 5th year

    German Program

  • Thomas Steffen – Premedical
  • Thomas.

  • Tim Bӧhlen – 1st year

  • Jonas Koch – 2nd year


  • Melanie Tschanke – 1st, 2nd year

  • Harris Mazhar – 3rd year

  • Yasmine Bellamine – 4th, 5th year


  • Patience Wobuoma – 1st, 2nd year

  • Chikelu Ejinaka – 3rd, 4th, 5th year

How to join ISUS

Send an e-mail to:

In the e-mail include:

Dear ISUS,

  1. Full name & E-mail address & Phone number
  2. State the committee which you would like to join:
    – Culture and Arts
    – Promotion and Media
    – Social Events
    – Sports and Recreation
  3. General Info (Which year, faculty, how old…) & CV
  4. Previous experience in extracurricular activity (if there is)
  5. Why would you like to join? How will you contribute to the committee? Which ideas/changes do you suggest?